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For beginners

            At Moscow City Golf Club we make every effort to offer a wide range of high-quality services. We can satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated visitors. At the Club we take an individual approach to every client.             

            Newcomers can take an intensive course of 20 lessons. Handicaps are calculated for players that complete the lessons, they then have access to the golf course and can take part in competitions.

Issa Abdulovich Malsagov

Club Captain

Professional golf player, many-time golf champion, medal winner of numerous Russian and foreign competitions. He has been Captain of MCGC for many years.

Aleksei Matrosov

Chief Golf Pro

8 (916) 926-56-25

A leading golf player in Russia. A multiple medal winner and winner of Russian and foreign competitions. He completed courses and was certified by the World Golf Teachers Federation. Graduated from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism. Three times in his career, Aleksei has hit a hole in one as well as hit a hole from the tee in just one shot.

Dmitry Gagua

8 (985) 100-70-07

Professional golf player at MCGC since 1999. One of the first golf champions of Russia. Many of his pupils have become successful golf players, some of them are members of the Russian Team. In 1998 he studied under Peter Dan, President of the World Golf Teachers Federation. In 2000 he completed a coach development course in Sweden. Graduated from Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism.

Vladislav Lopatin

8 (916) 263-01-68

Professional golf player. Since 1997 he has been working as a personal instructor. In 2002 he was PGA RUSSIA certified (GPN). He is a permanent participant of the Russian Professional Tour and was in the top ten players during its phases. Takes part in off-site training sessions both in Russia and abroad.

Aleksei Afanasyev

8 (903) 960-67-85

Handicap — 3.8. A member of the Russian national golf team since he was 16. Repeatedly participated in European and World Championships, as well as in phases of various professional competitions. He has been an instructor since he was 18. His trainees are medal winners of the competition and championship of Russia, and members of the Junior National Team as well as the National Team. In 2003 he graduated from Russian State University of Physical Education, he is a senior level coach.

Anna Verchenova

8 (916) 647-83-39

Master of Sport, a member of the Golf National Team, winner of the Cup of Russia, winner of the Open Championship of Bulgaria, has a certificate from the Institute of Physical Education and Sports. Gives personal golf lessons, teaches golf strategy and tactics. A member of the National Team.

Vitaly Verchenov

8 (985) 776-12-90

Member of the Coach Council of the Golf Association of Russia. Recently started instructing newcomers to putt at MCGC. Putting is the easiest shot for beginners to learn before mastering other shots. But an instructor needs special skills and talent to help a beginner learn it. This is what our professional instructor does.

Детская академия гольфа
Детская академия гольфа
Прекрасный старт для Ваших детей с лучшими тренерами по гольфу
Зимний центр
Зимний центр
Идеальное место для поддержания себя в хорошей форме зимой
Стать частью гольф-сообщества – это просто!
Стать частью гольф-сообщества – это просто!
Для тех, кто еще не является членом нашего Клуба, мы рады предложить индивидуальную и корпоративную игру в гольф.
Уникальные привилегии для членов Клуба
Уникальные привилегии для членов Клуба
Станьте членом Клуба и приобщитесь к аристократическому виду спорта!
Мероприятия Вашей мечты
Мероприятия Вашей мечты
Мы будем рады организовывать и провести мероприятие любого формата и сложности.
Изысканные блюда ресторана Клуба
Изысканные блюда ресторана Клуба
Приглашаем посетить ресторан Village Kitchen с потрясающим видом на пруд и живописные гольф поля.