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Правила игры в гольф

Golf rules

I. Rules

introduction to the game of golf has a much deeper meaning than just a hobby to new Olympic sport. This is a special culture that honors a set of rules, traditions and legends rooted in the distant 1457, it is a philosophy, aesthetics and etiquette, the cult of honor to gentlemen and ladies for a real art.
In each game there are rules, and golf is no exception. But what distinguishes golf from other sports - is the immutability over the centuries the three major principles:

    1. Play the ball as it lay.
    2. Play on the field as it is.
    3. If neither one nor the other can not be - do unto justice.
br> Due to the popularization of golf, its transition to the official level and the need for mass events, these three rules, of course, was not enough, so the various English clubs added rules that differ from club to club. However, only in 1754 the official rules of golf were recorded in the document "The articles and rules of the game of golf," and at that time already consisted of thirteen points.
international standard rules of the game of golf supported organization in the Old World - The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St.Andrews, this function is carried out from 1754 year. Only in 2004, the rights and obligations in the area of ​​drafting and interpretation of the rules of golf, as well as interpretations and decisions on the rules of golf were transferred to a new organization, called The R & A Rules Limited. And on the other hand, such powers in the territory of the United States and Mexico has the USGA US Golf Association, formed in 1894 in New Jersey. Russian Golf Association on the basis of the license The R & A Rules Limited translates golf rules into Russian and after the approval of The R & A officially publishes the rules of golf in Russia.
It is generally accepted that the new edition of "Rules of Golf" is published every four years and is the result of long, painstaking work that takes into account the comments and recommendations of many golf organizations around the world. The book consists of three main sections:

    1. Etiquette and rules of behavior on the field.
    2. Terms and Definitions.
    3. Rules of the Game (34 points).

These Rules of Golf are international and spreading its effects in all the clubs of the world where the official game of golf; It can only be changed by the decision of the authorized body. Local Rules - a separate term in golf, the local regulations are developed and approved by the Administration and the Council of a specific club, take into account the specifics of the club, the state of his fields, etc. As a rule, the local regulations are published in the swift-cards golf clubs or placed on stands..
In addition, there is a volumetric book entitled "Decisions", which is fairly small print is a lot of comments, explanations, case studies of the game on the field, etc .; Remember also that there are still provisions on competition, the rules governing the status of an amateur golfer, etc. and etc.
Realizing that directly "Rules of Golf" is very voluminous and complicated document on the reading and understanding of which will require a lot of time, we will do a small sample and discuss the basic rules in order to facilitate you to study them. These rules of golf were recorded The R & A in 2004, «Short on the rules of golf guide» Rules in Brief, and in 2008, this edition is included in the main rule book «A Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf» .
Before the start: (note: do not be late to the launch pad, to avoid penalties or disqualification)
  • read the Local Rules, which are published on the score card or on a separate information stand;
  • mark your ball (to avoid penalty and to quickly identify his ball during the game);
  • make sure that the number of clubs in a bag no more than 14 pieces and that they comply with the rules of golf.

During the round:
  • advice may only give your caddy or partner in a team; Do not give advice to anyone except your partner. But you can ask a question on the Rules, distances and the position of obstacles, flags, etc. (You can refer to the field marshal and invite the judge the competition, if you believe that your ball hit the ambiguous situation - most importantly, remember that the unjustified delay in the game can also add your team or penalty)
  • prohibited any training kicks while playing the hole.

In the final round:
  • In match play, ensure that the outcome of the match was recorded;
  • in the game on account of strikes - be sure that your results in the score card is correct, ask your marker to sign a card, sign it and yourself as soon as possible and return it to the judicial committee.

We should be grateful if given the rules of golf will become the norm for you. Remember that you are on a private golf club, where there are mandatory for all internal rules and etiquette to ensure general order, safety and comfort. MGGK Club members have priority throughout the territory, including at the start and have a preferential right on the pitch ahead of the slow running Flight in agreement with the marshal.

hitting off a tee
Always place the ball for the first impact between the tee-markers, but not ahead of them. You can set the ball for the first strike within two lengths of the stick behind a line between markers. If you make a first strike from outside the area-minute, in match play, no penalty is imposed, but your opponent may ask you to kill a blow; in the game at the expense you incur a two-stroke penalty, and then obliged to play with the right place.

Game ball
Play the ball out of the position in which he found himself. Do not improve the location of the ball, the area of ​​the intended swing or rack and line games, moving, bending down or breaking anything fixed or growing, except directly to the time of the adoption game or swing racks. Do not improve the location of the ball, tamping anything.
If the ball is in a bunker or a water hazard, before the shock, do not touch the ground with your hand or a stick (of water) and does not interfere with the free slide. You must apply for a full-fledged strike the ball. You can not push or hook the ball raking. If you play a wrong ball, in match play - you lose the hole; in the game to account - subject to a fine in two strokes, after which the obligation to correct the mistake by playing the correct ball. If you believe you have found a ball, but not sure about this, you can pick it up and Marked for determining affiliation - with the permission of your marker or opponent.

On the green
You may mark, lift and clean the ball, located on the green. Always return the ball to its original position. On line putt you have the right to correct only the traces of balls or old wells, but not any other damage, including traces of shoe spikes. Making a hit with the green, make sure the box is removed from the well or served (your opponent or fellow partner holds the box and ready to take it out of the hole when the ball will be near). The flag can be removed or maintained, and if the ball is outside the green. The ball must not fall into the box, which is maintained, removed or raised, to the person who serves the flag, as well as maintenance-free box if punch was on the putting green.

Shift the ball, at rest
If you accidentally moved the ball in play, picked him up when it was not allowed, or the ball moves after you manage to beat, add the free-kick himself and return the ball to its original location. However, this rule has a number of exceptions. So, if you accidentally move the ball when you're to look for him in the bunker, the punishment is not followed. If a ball at rest is moved by someone else or another ball, return it to its original location without penalty to you.

Reject or stop moving balls
If you played the ball deflected or stopped by you, your partner, your caddy or equipment, add a penalty stroke and play a ball from the position in which he found himself.

ball, help or hinder the game
You may lift your ball or have to lift any other ball, if you think it can help another player. You do not have to agree with the request to leave a ball in position, helping the game another player. You can ask to raise any ball if it interferes with your game. Ball, who was raised as a help or hinder the game, can not be cleared, except when he was raised on the green.

Free noise
You have the right to move freely interference (ie natural loose objects such as stones, fallen leaves or branches) Except when both the interference and the ball are in the same barrier. If you remove a loose impediment and thus shift the ball, it must be installed in its place (if it is not on the green), and you are exposed to a fine of one stroke.

Movable barriers
Movable obstructions (ie artificial movable objects such as rakes, tin cans, and so on. p.), located anywhere on the field, may be moved without penalty. If the ball moves, it must be installed in its place, without penalty. If the ball is on a movable obstruction, it can be lifted, the obstruction removed and the ball without penalty thrown at a point directly under the place where he lay on the obstacle. If this happens on the putting green, the ball must not be thrown, and is set to that point.

Fixed obstacles and an abnormal state of the field area
Fixed obstacles - are artificial fixed objects such as buildings or roads paved. An abnormal condition of the field site is casual water, the repaired area, as well as a hole, dent in the soil or trail done on the field burrowing animals, reptile or bird. Except when the ball is in a water hazard, you may, without penalty to eliminate the influence of a stationary obstacle or an abnormal state of the field area, if it interferes with the position of the ball, your stance or swing. To do this, you must lift the ball and throw it within one length of the stick from the "nearest point of eliminating the influence" (ie, the place where you can make the same impact as you would if an immovable obstruction or abnormal condition of the field site not hurt you), but not nearer the hole. If the ball is on the putting green, he is set to eliminate the influence of the nearest point. You may not remove the effect of interfering with the game line, except when both your ball and the obstruction are on the putting green. Additional feature is available if your ball in a bunker. You have the right to eliminate the influence of obstacles, to throw the ball behind the bunker under penalty of one stroke.

Water barriers If your ball lies in a water hazard (yellow stakes and / or lines), you are entitled to play it from the position in which he found himself, or with a fine of one stroke:
  • to play again from the position where the previous stroke was made;
  • to throw the ball any distance from the water hazard on the extension of a straight line from the hole through the point where the ball last crossed the border barriers.

If your ball is in a lateral water hazard (red stakes and / or lines), in addition to opportunities for the ball in the water hazard, you have the right with a fine of one hit to throw the ball within two lengths of the sticks from the point where the ball last once stopped the border barriers, but not nearer the hole, or a point on the opposite side of the barrier, located at the same distance from the hole.

The ball is lost or out of bounds; provisional ball
Ask as for Local rules m are defined field boundary. If the ball is lost outside a water hazard or turned off the pitch, you have to with a fine of one hit play from the point at which the previous stroke was made. You are given 5 minutes to search for a ball, after which, if you can not find your ball, or to determine its origin, it is considered lost. If you do hit, you assume that the ball may be lost outside a water hazard or may be out of bounds, you should play a 'provisional ball'. You must declare that it is a provisional ball and play it before you begin the movement to search for the original ball. If it turns out that the original ball is really lost (outside a water hazard) or out of bounds, you must continue to play a provisional ball under penalty of one stroke. If the original ball is found within the field, continue to play with this ball, and play the provisional ball must be abandoned.

unplayable ball
If you recognize your ball unplayable (in any part of the field, except for water obstacles), you are entitled to with a fine of one stroke:
  • to throw the ball at the point where the last shot was played;
  • to throw the ball any distance from the point where the ball is on the extension of a straight line from the hole through this point;
  • to throw the ball within two lengths of the stick from the place where the ball lay, but not nearer the hole.

If you recognize your ball unplayable in a bunker, you have the right to act as above, but also throw the ball to be in the bunker.

II. Local Rules

We provide a complete list of local rules. More succinctly, they are published on the swift-cards to suit all players. Penalty for breach of local regulations - 2 penalty strokes (unless otherwise provided by the Rules of Golf).

1. The ball is out of bounds (Rule 27)
The boundary of the golf course is considered to be a fence around the field or line, indicated by white pegs. club house area is out of bounds, it is labeled white pegs from the holes number 9 and number 3. The training area and driving range are outside the field. From the side of the hole number 2 field boundary is marked by white pegs. From the side of the hole number 3 field boundary runs along the left edge of the pavement, which borders the complex of administrative buildings. Between the hole number 6 and number 7 white pegs indicated by the boundary of the field, which is only effective when you play on the hole number 7. The front of the field boundary to the hole number 7 extends from the first white peg and the peg to the nearest remote ( "100 m") on the fairway the hole number 6. The white building in the right side of the hole number 4 has the status of the golf course fence.

2. Water obstacles (Rule 26)
Water obstacles (front) are marked yellow pegs. Lateral water hazards are marked with red pegs. Side water barrier on the right of the hole number 6 is considered extending the right to unlimited distance. Retaining walls made of wooden piles in greens near the water obstacles hole number 5 and number 9 are considered an integral part of the field. On hole number 3 when there is doubt as to whether the ball knocked from the platform-ti is, a water hazard or lost in it, the player is allowed to play a provisional ball on the procedure described on page 134 Rules of Golf (in Russian) 2012. - 2015. The a throw Zone On hole number 9 in contact with the ball in a water hazard, in addition to the options provided for in Rule 26, which replaces the ball can be introduced with one penalty kick in the game of throw-zone, located on the island and marked with appropriate warning signs. This feature is provided in contact with said ball hole in the water any impact, except for the strike, made directly to the site-minute hole number 9.

3. Impediments (Rule 24)
Fixed obstruction (Rule 24-2) In addition to fixed obstacles, which is established in accordance with the definition of the rules of golf are considered fixed obstacles:
  • Track for golf cars with artificial turf (as covered with asphalt and tiles, and a special honeycomb material);
  • landslide wall (of stone and nets), located on the slopes of the right of the hole number 3 and number 4;
  • Green gazebo between holes 4 and number pads whith hole number 5;
  • Large decorative stones (for example, on a hill to the right of the hole number 4);
  • advertising structures (for example, to the right in the course of the game on hole number 3);
  • Cover sprinkler irrigation system.
Effect of stationary obstacles can be eliminated Stuffing the ball without penalty within the same length of the stick from the nearest point of eliminating the influence, not closer to the hole, in accordance with Rules 24-2 and 20-2. The movable obstructions (Rule 24-1) Stones in bunkers are considered movable obstructions and may be removed without penalty.

Refinish Technical zone (Rule 25)
In addition to the repaired areas (areas of the field in an abnormal state), which is established in accordance with the definition of the rules of golf apply to the repaired areas:
  • beds with cultivated flowers;
  • green spaces with newly dug ground;
  • design of rocks and plants in the middle of the hole number 8.
The repaired area may be indicated by blue lines, blue pegs or letters «GUR». Influence of the repaired areas can be eliminated Stuffing the ball without penalty within one length of the stick from the nearest point of eliminating the influence, not closer to the hole, in accordance with Rules 25 and 20-2. Maybe thrown the ball, without penalty, are stuck in their own track on the main part of the field .

Game Security
. In addition to the safety requirements of the games listed in Section I, paragraph 6-8 and the rules of golf, players must:
  • to refrain from playing with the site-minute hole number 1 in finding players on the putting green hole number 2;
  • to refrain from playing with the fairway hole number 6 at the exit of players from the site whith hole number 7;
  • to refrain from playing with the site-minute hole number 3 in finding players on the putting green hole number 9.

Teeing ground
Men will start with Gold and silver -five sites, juniors boys with silver ti, girls are juniors and women will start with red areas whith , unless otherwise prescribed format games.

Filing score cards
Place of delivery of score cards after the round - table panel of judges on the veranda of the restaurant near the club board results.
Please do not hold the game (follow the schedule of movement of your group, keep the group going ahead), close up divoty, and traces of the fall of balls on the green, bunkers screed.

III. Etiquette in golf

The basic principle of behavior is unchanged respect showed to all present on the field. All players should behave responsibly, demonstrating courtesy and generosity, no matter how strong was not with the desire to win. On the territory of the sports facility Smoking (particularly at the driving range and in cases where children are playing nearby) not is welcomed, but it is possible in specially designated areas of information signs. In addition, it is important to observe safety precautions when playing to avoid injury or trouble due to accidental blow with a club, ball, stone, pebbles, twigs and similar objects before running the ball is hit or swing training. The player must make sure that those present are at a safe distance. Do not make blow up until the players in front, do not leave the field of possible ball lands. Before performing the shot should be warned of the field service staff located near or in front of them, if you are going to make an impact, which may pose a danger to these persons. If a player sends the ball so that the ball can fall into someone, the player should immediately shout a warning. In such cases, traditionally made screaming «Fore!» .
In golf etiquette by understanding the rules of courtesy, respect the order of the fields and care for the state of the field, even during the passage of the round (restore the turf, close up pitch-mark, leveled footprints in Bunker).
Here are some accents golf etiquette:
  • refrain from playing in front of the tee is not a marching band retired to a safe distance;
  • Do not stand on the line of putt your opponent and do not stand too close to the player producing or preparing to produce shock, do not speak loudly or make any sudden movements at a time when a player commits a blow;
  • group, participating in the competition, always has an advantage on the field;
  • Remember, you only have 5 minutes to find the ball;
  • The maximum number of players one Flyte - 4 golfer, unless otherwise prescribed in the notice of race;
  • do not carry a stick with begom on the green, leave them on the collar to the green towards the next hole;
  • return flag in the cup gently, so as not to damage the surface of the green and the hole;
  • never hold the game, all players are required to remember and perform fast-paced game, free green as soon as all players in your group have finished the game on a hole. 9 holes are 2 hours, 18 holes for 4.5 hours; slow play is unacceptable and may result in a penalty or disqualification; Start time for the groups, regularly playing slowly, can be changed at a later;
  • Follow the etiquette in golf clothes, blue jeans on the field and driving range in the elite private golf clubs are prohibited.

IV. Terms increase game speed

no more than 40 seconds . During the training round if your group comes with a delay, the rules of the game stableford: if you made 3 pairs of 6 hits and did not finish well - pick up the ball, respectively, on the par 4 - 7 strokes, and par 5 - 8 strokes.
Always follow the front group - Your task is to keep up; Do not pay attention to the group behind you.
If an empty hole in front of you, and you pull a group that runs behind, or you pull the group back in an environment where you do not have in front of the group, ask the group to go forward.

On the tee:
  • Play with the minute site that corresponds to your level.
  • Men in handicap group 23-28 in all club competitions (unless otherwise specified) playing with silver minute.
  • Always enter into play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost outside a water hazard or be out of bounds.
  • If your balls often fly into the forest, always carry a spare ball (eg in a pocket).
  • Place the bag near the tee area to be able to quickly change a club or play a provisional ball.

On the fairway:
  • Navigate through the field between beats in a brisk pace.
  • Determine the distance to the flag, select a club, dress glove, without waiting for when it's your turn to play.
  • If you are playing a friendly game and your goal, for example, was in the woods, do not spend on the search for the ball more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Do not ask your partner to help you in the search for a lost ball, if the next group is for you. Your partners must first hit, and then start the search.
  • When playing in stableford format of the group, behind the front running group on one or more holes, the following procedure:
First fix the lag on the whole well, and more - a warning about the need to reduce the gap for the next well and the possible penalties; If the gap is not reduced in the course of the game the next hole - the second warning and information on further sanctions; If the gap is not reduced in the course of the game the next well - at the end of it all the players group announced that next well, they have to go without a game and continue through one hole.

On the green:
  • After reaching the green, leave your bags so that will leave the green and move on to the next site-minute.
  • When you play the score, on the green, it is strongly recommended to finish the game short putt is not marking the ball (or marking it only briefly for cleaning and lining). Although the game is turn violates Rule 10-2b, a deviation from the Rules are not penalized. Since this practice accelerate the passage of the field, that is actually a manifestation of respect for the rest of the players on the field, it is welcomed and widely used (see. Decision 10-2b / 1).

  • If the player 1 in the second Patte comes to the line of putt other players;
  • If after the first putt stopped the ball away from the hole.
  • Evaluate his putt line at the same time it makes the other players group and when it is your turn to putt, you need to go to the ball and make the putt.
  • Do not mark a short putt - see out of, if you are sure.
  • Once you've finished the game on a hole, immediately get out of the green, so going for your team was able to continue. Make notes in the score card at the next tee.

Sure Study the basic rules of golf and etiquette, you will feel confident while playing on any field in the world. If you have questions, you can refer to the source and the ledger of all golfers in the world - «Rules of Golf» The Rules of Golf by R & A Rules Limited and The United States Golf Association.

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